Leukste hotel voor kinderen in Noordwijk aan Zee

Beach Hotel Noordwijk is the greatest hotel for kids in Noordwijk aan Zee




Aqua & Sauna Oranje - The biggest wave pool in the Netherlands

Aqua & Sauna Oranje is clearly the most fantastic swimming pool of Noordwijk aan Zee and its surroundings. Perfect for kids, because of the unique wave pool. Every 15 minutes, the swimming pool turns into a rough sea with many waves. This guarantees endless fun! The kids will feel at home. Below the swimming pool, you'll find the saunas. So, while your kids enjoy the waves, you can relax in one of our comfortable saunas. At all times, there are lifeguards present to ensure the highest possible safety for your kids.

Het Beach Hotel Noordwijk is the greatest hotel for kids in Noordwijk aan Zee with a large wave pool

Aqua & Cinema Oranje – Watching children's films from an air mattress  

Aqua & Cinema Oranje is a unique concept for kids who stay in Beach Hotel Noordwijk. Every third Sunday of the month we play one of the newest movies, which can be watched from an air mattress or just while swimming. The surround sound gives this amusing afternoon an extra dimension. Even parents will stay to enjoy the movie!

Aqua & Cinema Oranje is a unique and fantastic concept  for kids who stay in Beach Hotel Noordwijk

Kids Castle – The nicest castle for our smallest guests

For our little ones we offer Kids Castle; Crafts, making up, decorating, playing hide-and-seek and so much more! Under guidance of a professional babysitter, your kids will be entertained all day long. Please note that Kids Castle only takes place during the school holidays and when there's enough interest.

For our youngest guests we have Kids Castle, making puzzles, decorating, playing hide and seek and more

The beach of Noordwijk aan Zee – The best beach next door!

Besides all indoor activities, Noordwijk aan Zee has the most important thing: a huge and lovely beach. You're able to walk from Beach Hotel Noordwijk to the beach in literally 30 seconds. Go and take a swim, play soccer, play volleyball or just relax on this beautiful beach. During a good day at the beach, your kids can indulge in all the beauty of Noordwijk and Beach Hotel Noordwijk. 

Facilities Hotel van Oranje

Aqua & Sauna Oranje, Aqua & Cinema Oranje and Kids Castle are located in Hotel van Oranje. Guests who stay in Beach Hotel Noordwijk are free to use all the facilities of Hotel van Oranje.


Do you have any questions about Kids Castle, Aqua & Cinema or about something else? Please contact us via 071 – 367 68 69 or send an e-mail to: info@beachhotelnoordwijk.nl