Mission, Vision and CSR

Beach Hotel Noordwijk offers an extensive and complete stay on the most beautiful beach in the Netherlands. As a guest, you will have everything you need, an important key point of the hotel. We also strive to demonstrate our corporate social responsibility (CSR), supplemented with our own vision and mission in order to provide a service without limits and a CSR policy. For example, the personal touch, exclusivity and top quality is safeguarded in a responsible manner.


Address the wishes and needs in terms of the leisure and corporate market as well as possible and thus keep Beach Hotel Noordwijk prominently on the map as a high quality hotel on the beach with excellent service, leisure facilities and congress and event facilities, whereby Beach Hotel Noordwijk does not lose sight of its corporate social responsibility.

Top quality packed in a responsible policy

Corporate Social Responsibility

The mission, strategy and vision within Beach Hotel Noordwijk are focused on offering the highest possible quality. The CSR policy must contribute to this. Beach Hotel Noordwijk bases its CSR policy on the following four pillars. These pillars provide clarity, show where our priorities lie and make it possible to translate our ambitions into daily practice.

1: Environment and sustainability

Ambition: Taking responsibility and striving to achieve sustainability to reduce the impact of activities on the environment>/em>. Beach Hotel Noordwijk does everything it can to reduce its environmental impact, as long as this does not affect the quality and service. We do this in the following areas:

·        Sustainable acquisition

·        Savings

·        Waste management

·        CO2 emissions

·        Sustainability training

2: Commercialism and service, quality

Ambition: Create awareness among staff and guests by offering the choice of (environmentally) healthy products and implementing a CSR policy which reflects our existing business operations. Service and quality remain hereby unaffected despite the sustainability considerations of every decision. CSR is important for Beach Hotel Noordwijk, but so is quality and service. For this reason, we give guests and clients a choice. We focus on the following points: 

·        Commercialism

·        Service and quality

·        Awareness

3: People are key, guests and staff

Ambition: Show the staff in every possible way that, like our guests, they are key. Create a working environment in which diversity, health, equality and satisfaction are central and where personal ambitions can be fulfilled. At Beach Hotel Noordwijk, the guests and staff are key. We try to meet all the needs of our guests. From the minute they arrive until they leave, they are central. Hospitality is the key in Beach Hotel Noordwijk and our staff play the biggest role in this. We devote attention to the following points:

·        Diversity

·        Development of talent

·        Competence-oriented work

·        Staff satisfaction survey

·        Health and safety

4: Social engagement, giving back

Ambition: Make a positive contribution to the society we are all a part of by giving something back where possible in various ways. Big or small, financial or with knowledge. Beach Hotel Noordwijk invests in concrete activities in the field of social engagement. We are active in the following areas:

·        Sponsoring & location provider

·        Social projects

·        MOBO foundation

·        Guide and raise awareness of our suppliers

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