Beachclub O.

A cool salty breeze which gently rustles through your hair, as the red evening sun slowly sinks into the North Sea and you pop the cork on a bottle of Champagne. In front of you is a beautifully served plate of food. It’s time to make a toast and welcome the ultimate Ibiza feeling.

Wine, dine and relax in a luxurious ambiance

Are you already dreaming of being on a tropical island as you imagine that scene? At Beachclub O. in Noordwijk aan Zee, you don’t need to travel far to turn this into reality. With the most delicious (fish) dishes, served on our wonderful terrace with its stunning view. And when you stay in Beach Hotel Noordwijk, you don’t need to walk more than thirty seconds to be assured of an amazing experience!

Stylish and elegant

Are you looking for an exclusive restaurant in Noordwijk aan Zee? Then look no further than Beachclub O.! With fresh local products, our chef serves a culinary dinner or a relaxed lunch at the most beautiful beach in the Netherlands. Enjoy a good tournedos, our famous scampi giganti or our culinary showpiece: pata negra.

And our menu has lots more amazing dishes. What about the carpaccio suprême with duck liver curls, fruits de mer or a vegetarian spinach risotto. But there’s lots more! Whether you want lunch or dinner, at our beachclub in Noordwijk you will always stylishly enjoy the ultimate in flavour and elegance.

Interested in the amazing Ibiza feeling? Check out the Beachclub O. website or book your table below.

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Opening hours

Mon to Fri: 11.00 a.m. - midnight

Sat to Sun: 10.00 a.m. - midnight


Contact details

Beachclub O.

Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard 106

Strandafrit 16-17

2202 GW in Noordwijk aan Zee

Tel: +31 (0) 71 – 367 68 94



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