Do you have any physical problems? Or are you looking for a wonderful massage so that you can totally relax during your stay? Book a specific massage to eliminate all the blocks in your body or enjoy the ultimate in relaxation with a sublime relaxation massage. At Beauty Oranje, which you can reach from the Beach Hotel without going outside, your wishes are central. Restore the balance between mind and body with a customised massage.

A sublime feeling with a customised massage

Enjoy a customised massage. Discuss your own massage with the masseur. Choose from different massage combinations, such as a 5 minute sport massage, then 10 minutes shiatsu and end with 10 minutes hot stone massage.


25 minutes - €60

55 minutes - €95

90 minutes - €140

With their many years of experience, our top masseurs know exactly how to reach that sore spot in the body. Let them advise you, decide together what you need and walk out of the salon reborn! We are also specialised in the various massage techniques.

Hot Stone

Here we use heated stones which we place on the body. An extremely effective massage technique because it helps restore the balance between mind and body. Due to the special effect of the heat of the stones, relaxation occurs at a deep level.

Deep Tissue

With this powerful massage, all the tension and stress is massaged out of the body. A huge boost for your health! The muscles are not forgotten either through the deep massaging technique used. Balance is restored to mind and body.

Sports massage

Problems with tight muscles after sports? Come to Beauty Oranje for a specialist sports massage and keep your body healthy after sports too. The risk of injuries declines significantly and your performance improves! Don’t continue doing sports when you have injuries. Arrange to have an optimal treatment by our masseurs.

Relaxation massage

Forget everyday concerns with a fabulously relaxing massage in our peaceful beauty salon. Discuss with our masseurs what would be best for your body and lie back and enjoy. All the stresses and tensions disappear and the massage contributes to a healthier body. Pure enjoyment!

Shiatsu massage

In Shiatsu massage, the thumbs are mainly used for the massage. Pressure is placed on certain meridians and pressure points in the body. This massage has a positive effect on the nervous system and a relaxing effect.

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Saturday to Thursday: 9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Friday: 9.00 a.m. - 9.00 p.m.

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